Conservation Partnerships Around the World

The Chicago Zoological Society’s conservation programs and partnerships extend far beyond the physical gates of Brookfield Zoo. From our own CZS-led initiatives to partnerships with other accredited zoos, universities, and conservation groups, we support conservation research and programs around the world.

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  • Elephants for Africa (Botswana)
  • Gavela Bush-Shrike Study (Angola) *
  • Global Conservation Leadership Program for Youth (Botswana) * Global Conservation Leadership Program for Youth (Botswana Global Conservation Leadership Program for Youth (Botswana
  • Mountain Bongo (Antelope) Surveillance Project (Kenya)
  • Predation and Range Quality Study of Hirola (Kenya) *
  • Status Assessment of Durrell’s Vonistra (Madagascar) *

Asia and South Pacific

  • Orangutan SSP Staff Training and Education (Malaysia) *
  • Population Study of Gharial (India) *
  • Protecting Snow Leopards (Kyrgyzstan) *
  • White-Shouldered Ibis (Cambodia)


  • Animal WelfareTrak
  • Metamodel Manager/Species Viability Forecast
  • Wombat Breeding Program Caribbean
  • Coral Reefs: Education and Interpretation (Haiti) *

Central AND South America

  • Nature Diet Study of Amphibians (Colombia) *
  • Assessment Study of Amphibians (Honduras) *
  • Chacoan Peccary Breeding Program (Paraguay) *
  • Global Conservation Leadership Program for Youth (Guyana)
  • Health Assessment of Humboldt Penguins (Peru) *
  • Health Assessment in Punta San Juan of Fur Seals and Sea Lions (Peru) *
  • Monitoring and Tagging of Franciscana Dolphins (Argentina and Brazil)
  • Panamanian Golden Frog Population Study (Panama) *
  • Training and Capacity Building of Latin American Zoos (Latin America)

North America

  • American Prairie Foundation (USA)
  • Blanding’s Turtle Recovery Project (USA)
  • Climate Literacy Zoo Education Network, CliZEN (USA and Canada)
  • Conservation Breeding Specialist Group (USA)
  • Diagnosing Atoxoplasmosis in Passerines (USA) *
  • Eden Place Nature Center, Chicago (USA)
  • Great Lakes Partnership (USA and Canada)
  • Massasauga Rattlesnake Recovery Program (USA)
  • National Elephant Center (USA)
  • NatureStart (USA and Latin America)
  • Polar Bears International (Canada)
  • Restoration of Alligator Snapping Turtles and Yellow Mud Turtles (USA) *
  • Sarasota Dolphin Research Program (USA)
  • Southern Hairy-Nosed Wombat Symposium (USA) *
  • Study of Nasal Carcinoma in Mexican Gray Wolves (USA) *
  • Vital Ground (USA)

* Indicates a project funded through a grant from the Chicago Zoological Society’s Chicago Board of Trade Endangered Species Fund.


Center for the Science of Animal Welfare

Read about our innovative practices in animal welfare to ensure the ultimate care of our individual animals.

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Center for Conservation Leadership

We place a high priority on developing and supporting conservation leaders of all ages and backgrounds.


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