Animal Care Specialist Internships

Animal Care Specialist internships are available with a variety of animals: Large animals, Domestics, Small animals, Birds, Reptiles, Hoof Stock, Amphibians, Marine Animals, and Nutrition. Specific opportunities vary from term to term based on department needs. Animal Care Specialist internships are offered at three different times per year:

- Winter Term: January - April
- Summer Term: May - August
- Fall Term: September - December

Please note: Internships and work-study opportunities may not be offered in all areas every term based on animal and staffing needs. Visit our Internships homepage for a list of currently available opportunities.

Select areas are now accepting applications for fall 2021:
Animal Ambassadors/Wild Encounters
Marine Aquatics
Marine Mammals

Select areas are now accepting applications for winter 2022:
All of the above, plus:
Australia House
Small Carnivores
Habitat Africa - Forest
Habitat Africa - Savannah
Herps & Aquatics
Large Carnivores
Tropic World

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