Fragile Kingdom - Desert and Rainforest

The Fragile Kingdom area consists of two sections, the Fragile Desert and the Fragile Rainforest. The exhibits are entirely indoors and focus primarily on small carnivores. The Desert collection consists of a variety of North African desert mammals, including small cats, meerkats, and foxes. The Forest is home to Southeast Asian animals, including mammals, invertebrates, birds, fish, and herps.

During their 12 weeks with us, Fragile Kingdom interns rotate through both the Desert and Rainforest sections, working closely with a variety of keepers. The Fragile Kingdom internship provides experience with a diverse collection, with many animals in social groups and in breeding situations, and involving detailed care.

Interns participate in diet preparation, exhibit maintenance, public interaction, record-keeping, animal training, and animal observations, as well as other aspects of the animals’ daily care.