Marine Mammals

One of Brookfield Zoo’s most popular exhibits, Seven Seas is home to the zoo’s groups of marine mammals. Found here are Atlantic bottlenose dolphins, California sea lions, Harbor seals, and Grey Seals.

Interns with Marine Mammal Care gain experience in the care of many different animals. All of the animals participate in daily training sessions and public presentations. Under the guidance of marine mammal staff, interns assist in diet preparation, enclosure maintenance, and presentations to zoo visitors. Interns will experience some hands-on experience with the animals under close staff supervision.

Through their experience at Seven Seas, interns will acquire an understanding of the management and training of marine mammals by working alongside trainers, talking with zoo staff, observing training sessions, and reading suggested literature.

This unique exhibit spans several continents and makes visitors aware of the many facets associated with the survival of a delicate ecosystem.