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Contact: Sondra Katzen, Public Relations, 708.688.8351,
February 14, 2020

Animals at Brookfield Zoo Receive Valentine’s Treats

Brookfield, Ill.— Today, Valentine’s Day, several of the animals at Brookfield Zoo received heart-shaped treats provided by the animal care staff.

The western lowland gorillas, southern hairy-nosed wombats received heart-shaped treats made of a complete-balanced biscuit and gelatin. Several of the zoo’s Galapagos and Sulcata tortoises had heart-shaped watermelon, and the gray seals and California sea lion seemed to enjoy their valentine’s gelatin goodies.

The Animal Programs staff is always thinking of ways to physically and mentally stimulate the animals at Brookfield Zoo. One way is by providing them with a variety of different enrichment and food items they normally do not receive on a regular basis.

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Photo Captions—credit Chicago Zoological Society
Kambora Wombat
Quilbert Prehensile-Tailed Porcupine
Sulcata Tortoises
Binti Western Lowland Gorilla
Grey Seal Pup 1, Grey Seal Pup 2
Josie Sea Lion
Charger Sea Lion


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