Regional Partnerships

Regional Partnerships

The Chicago Zoological Society places a high priority on conservation at home through direct action and policy initiatives that affect our region. We recently helped launch the Zoo and Aquarium Partnership for the Great Lakes, a collaboration of zoos and aquariums to promote conservation of these precious natural resources. Our role is to catalyze this powerful partnership in areas of science, policy, awareness, communication, and education.

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Several Chicago Zoological Society staff play key roles in other regional conservation efforts, including Chicago Wilderness, an alliance of more than 200 public and private organizations working together to protect, restore, study, and manage these natural ecosystems, which includes more than 225,000 acres of protected natural areas of the Chicago region.

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The Chicago Zoological Society has also been instrumental in supporting local organizations that are involved in important work through the Chicagoland Environmental Network, including habitat restoration; wetland, prairie, and watershed projects; urban gardening; energy conservation; composting; wildlife conservation; and recycling. The Chicagoland Environmental Network was established with initial support from the Chicago Zoological Society and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency to serve as an environmental resource for northeastern Illinois, and it works in synergy with Chicago Wilderness.

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