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Ernesta Wolf Offspring Located

Ernesta Wolf

(Photo courtesy of U.S Fish and Wildlife|

Brookfield Zoo is excited to share some recent new from the Arizona Game & Fish Department.

Ernesta (F1126), a Mexican gray wolf that resided at Brookfield Zoo from 2010-2012, her mate, and pups were introduced into the Mexican wolf recovery area in July 2014. Unfortunately, Ernesta was found deceased in the Gila wilderness recovery area in January of 2015. Without an alpha female present, the fate of Ernesta’s pack was unknown. Some pack members did not survive and others could not be located. 

Then this December, a trapper accidentally caught a male wolf in his trap. The Interagency Field Team responded and were able to successfully free the wolf and fit him with a radio-collar. The team confirmed that the male was M1349, one of Ernesta’s sons. M1349 is now the alpha male of the Squirrel Springs pack. M1349 was reunited with his family and he and his mate, F1788, will hopefully produce a litter of puppies this spring.

Ernesta contributed greatly to the Mexican gray wolf recovery program. With this most recent news, it is clear that her legacy is living on!

For more about the Mexican gray wolf recovery program, please visit:


Posted: 3/7/2019 3:26:11 PM by Steven Pine

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