Father's Day - Which Bear Represents Dad?

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Date: Sunday, June 20, 2021

Father's Day is all about Dad. And there are certainly all kinds of dads out there, each bringing their own unique traits and skills with them. It's not unlike how there are many different species of bears, all of whom have specific adaptations to survive in their habitat. If you're looking for a fun way to honor dad this Father's Day, consider making a donation in his honor towards the Brookfield Zoo bear species that best represents him!

That's right, you can make a donation in honor of Dad for the brown bears, polar bears, or sloth bears for just $10! Better yet, you can even visit your chosen bear (or all three) on Father's Day!

Choose the Bear that Represents Your Dad

How do you know which Brookfield Zoo bear species best represents your Dad? Let's take a closer look at each bear's most iconic and well-known traits. Then, head to the bottom of the page and donate towards the bear that's most like Dad!

· Brown bears are extremely strong! Ranging from seven to nine feet in length, they can weigh as much as 1,110 pounds! Don't let that size fool you, they're also great runners, reaching speeds as high as 35 miles per hour. But if you can't find a brown bear, that's probably because it's sleeping somewhere. Brown bears can spend four to six months in torpor, a state of low activity that resembles hibernation. 

· Polar bears are perhaps best known for being dedicated hunters. They have huge home ranges and their keen sense of smell can detect prey from miles away. Polar bears are amazing swimmers, able to swim for hours on end and reaching speeds of up to six miles per hour. Polar bears are also built to stay warm thanks to a thick layer of fur, a tough hide, and an insulating fat layer.

· Sloth bears might have a name that implies laziness, however, they're anything but. Sloth bears are extremely intelligent, showcasing vibrant personalities and behaviors. They're extremely resourceful eaters, able to slurp up termites and ants right out of nest mounds and rock crevices. Sloth bears also boast a spectacular sense of smell, which helps them locate their meals. 

A "Which Bear Represents Your Dad" donation includes...

· A Certificate of Donation that you can fill out and share with Dad or hang on your wall. The certificate includes space to add Dad's name and mark which bear best suits him. You will receive a link in your receipt to download your Father's Day honoree certificate that you can customize with a personal message. 
· We'll also share the Father's Day Bear Donation List on our website and social media accounts, which will include your Dad's first name and chosen bear. 

You can donate for Grandpa, Uncles, Brothers, Friends & More!

Interested in getting a certificate for someone other than Dad? You can do that, too! We want to celebrate all fathers, whatever role they play in your life.

Your $10 donation goes directly to Chicago Zoological Society's Annual Fund, a critical source of funding Brookfield Zoo uses wherever it is needed most. This gift allows us to inspire conservation leadership by connecting people and communities with wildlife and nature, including brown bears, polar bears, and sloth bears!

The deadline for names to be included on the donation list is Monday, June 15, 2021, at 5:00 p.m. CST. Any gifts made after that date will not have the name provided included on the donation list. However, you can still download the certificate noted above. Only first names will be included on the donation list as submitted to us. The Chicago Zoological Society has the right to refuse to publish names of inappropriate or graphic nature.




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