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DSC_1447-Sasha-Amur-Leopard-Cub-(1).jpgAhava Snow Leopard: Ahava (pronounced Ah-ha-va) was born May 22, 2020, to Malaya snow leopard. She was introduced to the outdoor habitat in early September, after bonding with mom behind the scenes for 3 months. Ahava will stay with mom for another year or more before becoming independent. Snow leopards are listed as a vulnerable species with 3,500-7,000 of this species remaining in the wild. Help care for Ahava by adopting her today!
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DSC_1447-Sasha-Amur-Leopard-Cub-(1).jpgSasha Amur Leopard: Sasha was born March 3, 2020, to Lisa Amur leopard. He had been behind-the-scenes for nearly 4-months bonding with mom. Now, this active youngster continues to learn from mom as he explores the outdoor habitat. The Amur leopard is critically endangered with less than 65 animals left in the wild. Help care for Sasha by adopting him today and be a part of his journey from the start!  
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Can't decide which big cat cub to adopt? You don't have to! Adopt both Sasha and Ahava together for one fantastic feline package!

Screen-Shot-2020-04-01-at-11-42-23-AM.pngAfrican Lions: Welcome to new Brookfield Zoo residents, Brutus and Titus, four-year-old African lions. Born in February 2016, the two brothers come to us from Utah's Hogle Zoo where they grew up. The duo arrived at Brookfield Zoo on Tuesday, March 17. They made their debut in their new habitat on Big Cats Walkway on April 1 and we are excited for members and guests to meet them both very soon. 
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Mexican Gray Wolves: Since 2003, the Chicago Zoological Society has been a part of the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service's Mexican Gray Wolf Recovery Program. We have collaborated on two cross-fosterings--meaning several puppies born at the zoo were placed in a wild pack, while several wild puppies were brought back to Brookfield Zoo. This kind of program helps improve genetic diversity of wolves in the wild--which is critical, as there are roughly only 100 of these wolves in the wild. 
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Zeus-Eagle-286x400.jpgZeus Bald Eagle: Zeus was born in the wild but, several years ago, he was hit by a train. He has thankfully recovered since then but was not able to be released back into the wild due to his injuries. Zeus was then brought to Brookfield Zoo where he has found his new home and receives great care and enrichment. We're proud that we are able to provide a second chance at life for one of our national bird species and we hope you can join us in the support.

Adopt Raisin the two-toed slothRaisin Hoffman’s Two-Toed Sloth: “Free spirit.” That’s how the animal care specialists in Tropic World like to describe Raisin, a Hoffmann’s two-toed sloth. She’s not a Tropic World original: she arrived from Zoo Atlanta in October 2016. But she has definitely made the South America habitat her own. Once at Brookfield Zoo, she quickly—at least as quickly as sloths do anything—became adept at crossing over the public walkway on the “vine highway.” On the other side, she explores planters or kicks back for an afternoon nap in a specially designed hammock. Now that’s the life! 
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  • Species fact sheet
  • Animal Adoption program decal
  • Invitation to the exclusive 2021 Animal Adoption summer event (ticket purchase required)

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At the PLUSH PACKAGE giving level ($65), certain adoptions include a plush version of the animal, including:

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