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Screen-Shot-2020-04-01-at-11-42-23-AM.pngTitus: Titus arrived at Brookfield Zoo in March 2020 along with his brother Brutus.  Born at Utah's Hogle Zoo in February 2016, they are both now 7-years-old.  African lions live in family units called prides, which can vary in size, but have 15 individuals on average.  Prides typically include 2-4 adult males, several females, and their offspring.  Adult males within a pride will work together to defend the pride from outside males.  By adopting Titus at Brookfield Zoo, you're helping care for African lions both here and around the world. 


Screen-Shot-2020-04-01-at-11-42-23-AM.pngCaptain: O Captain! My Captain!  Captain, our 10-year-old male Kirk's Dik-dik, has sired two calves since arriving at Brookfield Zoo. Dik-dik are typically breeding pairs and keep their territory for life when possible.  Both will defend their territory, though the males usually chase the intruders.  Although calves wean around 3-4 months old, they will typically stay with the family until they are approximately 7-8 months old.  You can support this small antelope species by adopting Captain today. 
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Bunny-reindeer.jpgJontu: Jontu arrived at Brookfield Zoo in February 2023 from Saint Louis Zoo based on a recommendation from the Association of Zoos and Aquariums (AZA) Gorilla Species Survival Plan (SSP) to take his place as our silverback, or gorilla family leader.  Gorillas live in family units called troops, which are typically made up of one silverback, adult females, maturing juveniles, and infants.  Troop sizes vary from 2-35 members with averaging between 10-20.  Silverbacks maintain the group's cohesion and effectively defend them from outside threats, such as rival males from other troops.  Support Lowland gorillas around the world by gifting an adoption to the "silverback" of your family for Father's Day.
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  • Invitation to the exclusive Animal Adoption summer event (ticket purchase required)

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