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Screen-Shot-2020-04-01-at-11-42-23-AM.pngJLaw-sloth.jpgHoffman’s Two-toed Sloth: You may have seen Raisin or Jennifer Lawrence (J. Law for short) hanging around in Tropic World: South America. This species of sloth is native to rain forest in parts of Central and South America. Both 6-year-old females share the same habitat and the same incredible adaptations. Their long, sharp claws keep them hooked into branches, suspended upside down, even while sleeping. A thick, dense coat keeps them dry and directs rainwater off their bodies. They have one of the slowest metabolisms of any animal. Most of the time, they remain up high, safe from predators on the ground. 


Bunny-reindeer.jpgBunny Reindeer: This 6-year-old reindeer is the dominant animal in our herd of seven female reindeer at Hamill Family Wild Encounters. Reindeer have hollow hair that insulates them from the extreme cold temperatures, even their noses and lips are covered with fur. Both male and female reindeer grow, and then shed a set of antlers each year. Bunny often loses one antler in December, so is lovingly referred to as our “Christmas Unicorn.” Bunny voluntarily wears a halter for walks in the zoo for guest photos. You’re most likely to see her out walking with animal care staff during Holiday Magic.   ADOPT Bunny


Orangutan-Heidi-286x400-(2).jpegHeidi Orangutan: Heidi orangutan who turns 6 years old in December 2021 is a bundle of energy.  She can often be seen playing in the orangutan habitat in Tropic World Asia.  When she does sit still, she can be seen sitting with her father Ben taking turns using enrichment or being groomed by her mother Sophia.  At age 5 she still occasionally nurses from Sophia and sleeps cuddled close to her mom in their night nest.  Orangutan infants have the longest dependency on their mothers of any primate other than humans.  It takes a long time to learn all the skills needed to successfully live in the forest!  Consider adopting Heidi today and be a part of her continued care and support!   ADOPT Heidi


Kemps-ridley-sea-turtle-Pistachio286x401.jpegPistachio Kemp's Ridley Sea Turtle: Pistachio Kemp’s ridley sea turtle arrived at Brookfield Zoo in September 2020. She was rehabilitated at The Florida Aquarium after being struck by a boat propeller in 2012. The injuries left Pistachio partially blind. She also has partial paralysis in her rear flipper and changes to her shell (it grows differently than it should). These factors contributed to the determination that she could not be released back into the wild. Brookfield Zoo is pleased to provide Pistachio with a long-term home. We hope she will serve as a reminder to the importance of safe boating practices in areas where sea turtles and wildlife are found. Help provide for Pistachio’s expert care by adopting her today!   ADOPT Pistachio


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