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Impacts of Illegal Hunting

Last month I featured a blog written by a zoo intern. These folks are smart and eager to share what they’ve learned during their internships with the world! So, this blog comes to you from Max about the impacts of bushmeat.

A lot of people realize poaching is a very serious issue, but many people only think it is done for ivory or pelts. One huge reason for poaching is for the consumption and sale of bushmeat. Bushmeat is a term used to describe meat taken from exotic or undomesticated animals illegally.

One reason for this poaching actually stems from famine. Starving families hunt any animals they can find for nourishment and a full stomach for the night. In central Africa, bushmeat actually accounts for about 80% of protein eaten by people. This is a tricky situation as we cannot tell these families not to eat. We need to help them find more sustainable options such as sustainable farming techniques that they can use to support their families long term. This is a win win situation as we get to help conserve endangered species as well as give aid to families of people in need!

The other reason for this kind of poaching is on the opposite side of the spectrum. This type is done by people who want to try exotic game meat for fun. This is unnecessary and detrimental to biodiversity and the survival of some species. Biodiversity is crucial as it is the baseline for a heathy and thriving ecosystem. Sticking to sustainably raised meats such as turkey, chicken, pork, beef, or bison is better for us and the environment. In first world countries, we farm enough food for ourselves, and then some!

Sometimes, even obtaining meat from domestic animals is not as sustainable as it should be. In order to make sure we cut down on global warming stemming from farming, we can do several things.  We can invest in agricultural education in order to make more food for more people. We can try switching from beef to bison; a more sustainable option! Or even making sure that the companies we buy from are doing the best they can to reduce the amount of emissions they give out in production. By making a small difference in our diets, we can make a huge difference in enhancing the world for others! After all, it’s not all about you!

We can also show our discontent for illegal hunting. Hopefully, people will shy away from poaching if there were harsher consequences for doing so out of malice. In order to combat poaching done by the starving, we could donate to world hunger organizations and give these people the food they need so they do not need to hunt endangered animals.  Together, we can fight world hunger and poaching simultaneously!

Posted: 7/12/2018 10:23:43 AM by Sabrina Cynova

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