Lama glama


Quick Facts
6 feet at the top of the head
250 to 400 Pounds
Distribution: Andes Mountains of central Peru, western Bolivia, northeastern Chile, and northwestern Argentina; domesticated llamas are found worldwide
Habitat: Alpine grassland and shrubland
Llamas have ears that are rather long and slightly curved inward. They have two-toed feet that have leathery bottom pads and movable toes that give them good balance on rocky trails. Llamas have a short tail and their hair is long, woolly, and soft. They have very well-developed senses of eyesight, hearing, and smell. Their ears are large and cupped to give them extra sensitivity to any small sounds. While grazing, their ears point in the direction a sound is coming from.

Status in the Wild
Llamas are mostly domesticated, and therefore, live mostly with people and not in the wild.


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