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Nature Does It Best

Chicago got a lotta rain this week. I’m sure many of you were gnawing your fingernails as you watched the storms pass through, hoping your basements would stay dry. Unfortunately, this is probably our new normal. As Chicagoans adjust to record-setting precipitation year after year you had best be prepared to do something more than build big tunnels.

Enter: Nature. She’s kinda good at this stuff. In fact, many engineers look to nature for inspirational solutions to the problems of the developing world. This is called biomimicry. By studying wetlands, humans have gotten insight as to what to do if there’s an influx of water from rain or melting snow. Chicago is learning that reservoirs and tunnels aren’t doing the job, but landscaping and green designing spaces can help.

Rooftop gardens, rain gardens, native landscaping, and even permeable paving have all been utilized to collect rain water and snow melt slowly releasing it into the municipal water treatment system or local waterways. What’s more, these systems often naturally filter the water as it soaks through. Pretty nifty, huh? Nature – what can’t she do?

Rooftop Garden
Now, you don’t need to wait for your town or city to take up the green design torch. You can start incorporating green design on your own around your home and in your neighborhood. Does your lawn and garden need a refresh? Try putting in a rain garden. In fact, many townships also give their citizens rain barrels for free to collect rainwater. Have a Boy or Girl Scout looking for a community project? How about developing a green space with native landscaping in a high-flood area? Don’t have any garden space at home but have a green thumb? Join or start a community group that beautifies your neighborhood with flood resistant landscaping and teach others how to do so, too. Is your town or city looking to attract new businesses? How about offering incentives for green construction and rooftop gardens? Attend city council meetings or become a councilperson and propose referenda to require green design in areas of commercial renovation or new development.

Eden Place
There are lots of way to let Mother Nature inspire you to get to work and use her design plan to keep your basements and neighborhood dry and protect clean water.

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