NatureStart™ Regional Trainings

Our regional training program features a blend of in-person and online courses, providing greater flexibility for those who cannot attend the weeklong training program. Participants will attend three in-person, daylong sessions and will complete 15 hours of training online.

CZS has partnered with the Wildlife Conservation Society in Bronx, NY, the Dallas Zoo in Dallas, TX, and Greenville Zoo in Greenville, SC, to offer the in-person portion of this training in four convenient locations throughout the country.

NatureStart™ Training Locations

• Brookfield Zoo training
In-person dates:
o October19
o November16
o December 7

• Dallas Zoo training
In-person dates:
o February 1-2, 2019
o March 2, 2019


For the regional training, do I need to attend all three in-person sessions? Can I instead complete more of the training online?
In order to get credit, you must be present at all three in-person sessions.

Can I change between different locations for the regional training?
Yes. Please contact (708) 688-8342 to arrange this. 

How long do I have to complete the 15-hour online portion for the regional training?
Participants will continue to complete activities for approximately 30 days after the third in-person session.

What is the difference between the one-week training and the regional training?
Both will provide you with the skills to implement the NatureStart core competencies at your institution and will prepare you to train your colleagues in these competencies as well. The difference is simply in the method of delivery.


The $550 registration fee covers tuition, resources for the course, and lunch during the in-person sessions. By registering two (2) individuals from your institution, you are eligible for a 20% discount on the second discount. By registering four (4) individuals from your institution, you are eligible to receive our group discount. The registration fee for four (4) individuals is $1,650.

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