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Nature’s Kidneys

Carlita Croc

If the ocean is the heart of climate, then wetlands are the kidneys of water. And kidneys, my friends, are an amazing organ.

The kidneys are responsible for filtering waste and extra fluid from the bloodstream, as well as regulating electrolytes and making hormones. The kidneys help the body function normally.  It’s a big job for relatively little organs. 

In nature, wetlands and riparian (stream side and river side) areas perform many of the same functions to keep water clean – they filter out waste and pollutants, regulate things like nitrates and phosphates, and even regulate the flow of water. All of these functions provide humans and animals with clean water. What’s more, they’re cheaper and prettier than man-made water treatment plants!


Local Wetlands
Do you like clean water? I bet you do. So it shouldn’t take much convincing to get you humans to take care of nature’s kidneys, aka wetlands.  And if you live in Chicagoland, there are plenty of opportunities to do so! Chicago is home to several types of wetlands. In fact, much of the Chicagoland area was wetland before it was paved over for streets, neighborhoods, and strip malls. Does your basement flood after a heavy rain? Chances are, your neighborhood used to be a wetland that was designed by nature to collect rainwater and filter it before allowing it to trickle back into local streams and rivers.

You can support remaining local wetlands by participating in clean up or restoration events. Make sure water ways stay clean by putting litter in its place: the garbage or, better yet, the recycling bin! On a community level, you can attend city council meetings and keep an ear out for development plans for wetlands in or around your community. You know how I love when human get civically involved!

Wetland clean up

Be sure to share pictures of your favorite wetland with @CandidCroc on Instagram or Twitter! Here’s to healthy kidneys and clean water!

Posted: 9/19/2017 11:51:09 AM by Steve Pine

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