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Cleaning up waterways for Humboldt Penguins

Humboldt Penguins on the beach of Marcona

The Chicago Zoological Society supports many different initiatives around the US and the world. In honor of World Water Day, we’re checking in with our team in Punta San Juan, Peru. There, our team is working to preserve the habitat of Humboldt Penguins while also teaching the local community about conservation and why it’s important for them and the penguins. Program director Susana Cárdenas and her staff partnered with a local fisherman’s association COPMAR, to help clean up the nearby beach and waterway where Humboldt Penguins nest and fish.
A day course on the main beach of Marcona (Playa Hermosa) was organized and the response was wonderful! Over 30 participants gathered to hear Susana gave a talk on marine contaminants, micro-plastics and alternatives that can help us keep our oceans and waterways clean.

Susana Cárdenas addresses the participants

After Susana’s talk, Manuel Millla, president of COPMAR, provided wetsuits, snorkels and fins for the participants. Before heading into the water, he addressed the group with a brief talk on safety during diving and provided guidelines for snorkeling.


Participants eagerly suited up and got in the water. Over 44 pounds (20 kg) of trash were collected from ocean bottom!


During the dive, a white board was used to make ocean promises to keep local beaches clean.

The event was so well received, another session is in the works.
Keeping our oceans, lakes and rivers clean is important, not just for our health and well-being but also for all the animals we share the earth with. So, what are you doing to celebrate World Water Day?

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