Professional Learning & k-12 Academics 

Inspiring eduators to deepen understanding and empathy for the natural world through conservation leadership and inquiry-based learning.


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Brookfield Zoo has developed many tools to assist educators in sharing information about animals, science, and caring - the things that form the basis of conservation at the zoo and in the wild. We encourage educators to use the information gathered by the zoo to share concepts about data gathering and scientific research, and to use the zoo's charismatic animals to help inspire excitement for learning.

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Professional Development

Our variety of workshops and training programs support educators in teaching science and conservation leadership. Conservation leadership encompasses not only an understanding of animals and ecosystems, but empathy, joy, and appreciation for the natural world shared in a spirit of equity and stewardship.

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Self-Guided Field Trips

Bring your lessons to life with a field trip to Brookfield Zoo! Embark on an unforgettable educational adventure surrounded by fascinating wildlife, captivating exhibits, and interactive experiences where both students and educators will thrive in an enriching and fun-filled day that fosters curiosity, ecological awareness, and cherished memories for a lifetime.

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Classroom Resources

Bring the zoo into your classroom through free educational resources such as our video series, "Bringing the Zoo to You" and downloadable content that supports science learning in your classroom or during your Brookfield Zoo field trip.

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