Radiology Consulting Service


The Chicago Zoological Society Radiology Consulting  Service is dedicated to aiding veterinarians around the world in providing the most advanced medical care for zoo and aquarium animals, pioneering advancements in diagnostic medical imaging, and helping conservation programs succeed. 

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Advances in diagnostic imaging technology have dramatically improved the quality of medicine available to zoological species. Imaging modalities and techniques that were unimaginable only a few decades ago are now components of everyday care. Veterinarians are increasingly challenged to remain experts in all species and disciplines.

ACVR board-certified veterinary radiologists provide the most accurate and complete interpretation of  medical imaging studies.


The expertise and high-quality service they provide allow for clinical veterinarians to best define a diagnosis and develop an effective treatment plan.

To date, veterinary radiologists have focused largely on domestic animals, leading to a limited understanding of imaging in many zoo species. We are committed to changing this.

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E-mail us at or call (708) 688-8RCS.

The Chicago Zoological Society’s Radiology Consulting Service is supported in part by The Grainger Foundation.

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