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Simplistic Snake Safety from a Snake

reticulated python at Brookfield Zoo

Is 2018 your year to get right with snakes? Carilta the Croc's neighbor, the reticulated python, has some tips to help
put you at ease!

Hello everyone. Sssss. I mean sshhh. This is the reticulated python coming to you live from Brookfield Zoo. Gather round and listen. Many of your kind come up to my home over at the Reptiles and Birds building at Brookfield Zoo. Some of you come up in wonder, others in awe, and my favorites are those who come to listen to talks about me. However, I have also noticed that a large number of you come up
to my glass in fear. Many of you seem afraid of not just me, but snakes in general.

As the largest snake at my Zoo, I have taken it upon myself to share some ancient snake wisdom about how to avoid problems with any snake. I just have a few rules you can follow to minimize any issues with snakes:

Rule #1: When walking in snake territory, step nice, hard, and loud. We snakes may not be able to hear, but we can feel vibrations in the ground. If we know you are coming, we are very likely to leave before you even have the chance to see us.

Rule #2: If you do see a snake, just leave it alone. Like any animal, we just want to live our own lives and do our own thing. It is not our goal to hurt any person. However, if you come up and start bothering us, we get scared and try to protect ourselves just like you would if a stranger came up and started bothering you.

Rule #3: Remember, you’re bigger than us! Humans are too large to be prey for most snakes, especially any snake one might find in Illinois. Therefore, it is very unlikely that a snake would attempt to attack a person because it sees you as a potential meal. This last rule is to put you more at ease around my kind, but please refer to rules one and two to keep us at ease, too!

If you follow these rules you should hopefully have no problems with snakes. I hope these rules empower all of you to overcome your fears of snakes, inspire admiration, and create mutual respect between our kind. Well, I am going to go coil up in a corner right now. I hope you enjoyed this blog. This is the reticulated python over and sssss. I mean ssshhh out. Zzzzz.


Posted: 1/9/2018 11:33:20 AM by Steve Pine

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