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Now that Brookfield Zoo is reopening its gates, there are a lot of questions regarding which animals you'll be able to see when you visit. Given the guidelines set forth by our local, state, and federal government agencies, as well as Chicago Zoological Society's efforts to maintain a safe and healthy experience for all guests at this time, here is the full list of animals and attractions you'll be able to experience right now when you reserve your tickets.

Dinos Everywhere
Our summer attraction (extended through October), Dinos Everywhere features acres of earth-shakers, including the largest—argentinosaurus—that was estimated to measure more than 100 feet in length and weigh up to 110 tons. Through October, zoogoers will be able to search for these amazing life-like animatronics located throughout the park. Be sure to keep an eye out for special sweepstakes in the zoo as well as on the BZ Rewards app.

31st Street Walkway
Everything is outdoors along 31st street, which means you'll be able to see the P-horses, Grevy's zebras, and addax.

Australia House
While the indoor habitats are currently closed, you'll be able to see the marsupials (western grey kangaroos and Bennett's wallabies) and emus found outside.

Big Cats
All of the animals located along the Big Cat walkways are available to see, weather-permitting. That includes some new arrivals that Brookfield Zoo guests will have never seen before. Brutus and Titus, our new African lion brothers, will be waiting to greet you. You'll also be able to see Sasha, our four-month-old Amur leopard cub, when he's feeling up for exploring. You'll also get to see other Amur leopards as well as Amur tigers, snow leopards, and sloth bears.

Great Bear Wilderness
While you won't be able to go inside the exhibit, you will be able to visit Hudson and Nan polar bears as well as Jim and Axhi brown bears in their outdoor habitats. 


Habitat Africa: The Savannah! 
The Kopje is currently closed but guests will get to look up and see our reticulated giraffe herd. You can also feed the giraffes at certain times of the day. Don't forget to look back down so you can see the African painted dogs, including our seven puppies who are starting to grow up fast! The nyala, red river hogs, and Kirk's dik-diks are also nearby.

Habitat Africa: The Forest
The indoor exhibit is currently closed but keep an eye on the outdoor habitats and you'll spy some okapi grazing. 

Hamill Family Wild Encounters
Admission to Wild Encounters is free for the time being and you'll be able to get up close with Leo red panda, the wallabies, the reindeer, the llamas and alpaca, and the Nigerian dwarf goats. While you won't be able to enter the goat yard, you will be able to feed them. Please note that the parakeet aviary is currently closed.

Pachyderm House
While you won't be able to go inside, the habitats all around Pachydern House will be full of animals. That includes the rhinos, pygmy hippos, Galapagos & African spurred tortoises, giant anteater, and tapirs.

Pinniped Point
All of your favorite California sea lions and grey seals will be out and about at Pinniped Point. Be sure to stop by and say hi to Josie, Charger, Carolyn, Sabiena, and the rest.

Regenstein Wolf Woods
Keep an eye out here for Ela and Apache, our Mexican grey wolves. They'll be out in their expansive habitat and you never quite know when they'll make an appearance.

Zoo Chats & Animal Ambassadors
Each day around the zoo you'll find unique zoo chats featuring some of our Animal Ambassadors as well as animals from around the zoo. Check the daily schedule here. Please note that some zoo chats may be canceled due to inclement weather or animal needs.

Birds of Brookfield Zoo
All over the grounds, you'll be able to see the many birds that live here at the zoo. You'll be sure to see (and hear) the peafowl and the guinea fowl. Keep an eye out for some new chicks, too. There's also the white pelicans who call Formal Pool home and the many Canada geese who you'll see grazing. If you take a walk back along Swan Lake, you'll also eventually run into the white storks, who are tucked in a quiet corner. And make sure you stop to say hi to Dino and Maria, our Andean condors who live across the way from Living Coast.

Closed Exhibits
Please note, indoor exhibits that are currently closed to guests include Clouded Leopard Rain Forest, Desert's Edge, Feathers & Scales, Hamill Family Play Zoo, The Living Coast, Reptiles & Birds, Seven Seas, The Swamp, and Tropic World. Attractions including Dolphins in Action, The Carousel, Butterflies!, Motor Safari, all playgrounds, splash pads, and water misters are not currently operating as well.

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Posted: 7/1/2020 12:28:39 PM by Sean Keeley

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