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Gifts for Animal Lovers

I’ll bet that if you’re reading this you are an animal lover.  And you probably know other animal lovers.  And you’re probably pondering what to get those animal lovers for a holiday gift.  Well, have no fear, Carlita the Croc is here with her list of Gift Ideas for Animal Lovers!


  1. ME!!!

Symbolic adoptions are plentiful these days, but there’s only one that supports me – Share the Care for the Orinoco Crocodile at Brookfield Zoo. Share the Care packages don’t allow you to bring the animals home with you (that’s a good thing!) but they do support the resources and care for me and other animals at Brookfield Zoo.  There’s no better feeling than knowing you are providing a good life for another creature.


  1. A tour…featuring ME!!!

Research has shown that experiential gifts bring the most happiness.  So why not buy your loved one an experience with their favorite animal?  For example, Brookfield Zoo’s “Swamp Things” Backstage Adventure gives guests the opportunity to see me (and my neighbors) in a much more intimate setting! Plus, this is a gift that keeps on giving because Backstage Adventures are designed to impart the gift of knowledge along with an amazing experience!

  1. Support their favorite conservation group

Whether it’s research and conservation for elephants, penguins, amphibians, or more, Chicago Zoological Society’s Animal Care and Conservation Fund supports a variety of partnerships and research projects around the world.  It also supports the Center for the Science of Animal Care and Welfare research at CZS!  By supporting the things that your loved ones are passionate about, you are making a difference and showing them that you care, too.


  1. A little something special themed with their favorite animal

Animal-lovers often put their love of their favorite animal on display.  A unique gift is a great way to support your friend or family’s passion! 

  1. Pets

Ok, I don’t condone giving pets as surprise gifts because they are a long-term commitment that should be thought out carefully.  But, if you are thinking of gifting a pet, I ask that you take these a few things into consideration.  First, and hopefully most obviously, make sure what you have in mind is legal.  I know there are many exotic animal lovers out there, but some require special permits and licenses just to have in your possession.  Second, be realistic about the type of care your pet of choice will need, including special diets, time investments, and veterinary care – whether your pet is furry, feathery, or scaly!  Don’t forget to consider how long different animals live.  While turtles may seem like a low maintenance pet, they can live over 60 years!  If you are thinking about gifting a pet, please be sure the owner is committed to caring for the animal for the duration of its life. 

Once you have settled on a pet, come to an agreement with the gift-receiver, and are prepared to provide adequate care, the next step is to research breeders or rescue organizations. Make sure you choose one that is reputable and following legal and ethical standards of breeding and care.

Finally, once you have chosen a pet, be sure to fill your social media feed with pictures of said new pet.  Especially if it’s a reptile.
I hope you are inspired by some (me-) themed gift ideas.  Now go forth and give purposefully!  Tweet or Insta a picture of your favorite animal gift to @CandidCroc

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