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Ready to Run


So you see that Brookfield Zoo is hosting another ZooRunRun for the Conservation Fund in September and maybe you’re wondering if this is your year.  Allow me to answer for you:  Yes, it is your year. 

“But why, Carlita…WHY?”

Because one thing that sets humans apart from other animals is their ability to run long distances on two legs. If you’re one of those people whose thoughts about running are, “I only run when I’m chased,” then I’m sorry to tell you, you’ve got it backwards.  Human run to chase. 

Scientists think early humans began to run in order to be competent hunters.  They were neither strong enough nor fast enough to take down large prey, so they adapted to endurance running to chase animals to exhaustion. Nature responded by giving humans freakishly long legs and a big booty full of stabilizing muscles, expanded lung capacity for steady oxygen supply, the embarrassing ability to sweat through their skin in order to keep the body cool, and more. Pair that with a giant brain capable of making tools such as spears and the atlatl, and you’ve got yourself a predator. 


Convinced?  If not, then maybe Bruce Springsteen will sway you:  Baby you were born to ruuuuuun!

But before you go all Forrest Gump on me, consider the fact that though human bodies have endurance running adaptations, you still gotta work up to it.  So, if you’re a human who was looking for motivation to start that couch to 5k training plan, ZooRunRun and millions of years of adaptations are it!  What are you waiting for?  Sign up for the ZooRunRun!


Posted: 8/15/2016 10:24:45 AM by

Carlita the Croc

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