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Casper the Friendly Snake

Hello, my name is Casper, and I am one of the ball pythons here at Brookfield Zoo. 


I live in the Hamill Family Play Zoo, and during the day I sometimes go come out to meet zoo guests.  After some training, I am a great program animal, staying calm while guests pet me and while the zookeepers or roving naturalists give a chat.
But before I became a program animal at the zoo, I had a much different life.  I am a rescue animal.  And as you can see from this lovely picture of me, I am no ordinary ball python.
My coloring is called leucistic.  People may think I’m albino, but I have black eyes instead of red ones and white scales instead of yellow scales.  I was bred specifically for this color.  Someone tried to smuggle me and several other snakes through O’Hare Airport.  Transportation Security Administration confiscated us, and luckily for me, Brookfield Zoo rescued me and gave me a great home.  Now I act as an ambassador for ball pythons and snakes in general in the wild.  By meeting me, guests at the zoo can learn about the importance of snakes in controlling rodent populations and how awesome snakes really are.  Just remember before getting a snake or any reptile as a pet to do your research concerning the breeder and the animal’s needs.  Although exotic animals may seem like really cool pets, we need special care.
Next time you visit Brookfield Zoo visit the Hamill Family Play Zoo, or in the summer, look for the Critter Cart where you can meet animals like leopard geckos, turtles, tarantulas, and of course snakes like me!

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