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Mexican Gray WolvesOur Mexican Gray Wolf pack at Wolf Woods welcomed four pups, born on May 29, 2015. The fast-growing pups are full of juvenile energy, and quickly learning wolf behaviors from the excellent examples given by first-time parents, Zana and Flint. The pups, three male and one female, are named Nestor (largest and enjoys chasing birds), Inigo (likes to hang with dad, Flint), Aldo (smallest, lightest in color, likes to hang with mom, Zana), and Magdalena (independent, confident female). The Mexican gray wolf is the rarest and most genetically distinct subspecies of North American gray wolf. The Chicago Zoological Society is a partner (with U.S. Fish & Wildlife and other AZA-accredited zoos) in an ongoing program for the recovery of Mexican Gray wolves in North America. ADOPT the MEXICAN GRAY WOLVES Today!
Zachary GorillaZachary Western Lowland Gorilla was born to 11-year-old Kamba on September 23, 2015. For now, Zachary will spend his time with mom, clinging to her abdomen, nursing, and getting lots of sleep (as babies do). In a few months he will begin to explore within Kamba’s reach and sample solid food but will continue nursing until he is 3-4 years of age. Zachary’s birth marks four generations currently in the gorilla group at Brookfield Zoo. Kamba’s mom, Koola, and grandmother, Binti Jua, remain part of this strong, stable family group. Zachary’s father, JoJo, is one of the most genetically valuable males in the Western Lowland Gorilla Special Survival Plan.  ADOPT ZACHARY Gorilla Today!
Red PandaThe Red Panda is one of the species at the new Wild Encounters exhibit. Wally and Beatrix are young siblings born at Mill Mountain Zoo in Roanoke, VA on June 15, 2014. They are most active at dawn and dusk, sleeping during the hottest part of the day. They can be seen stretched out on top of their enrichment tree (with timed feeders that periodically release food to encourage natural foraging behaviors) or rolled up in their cooling log. The red panda diet in the wild and at Brookfield Zoo is 90% bamboo leaves. Their home in the wild ranges from the eastern Himalayas to southwestern China.  Red pandas are classified as vulnerable due to habitat loss through deforestation and poaching. Purchase your RED PANDA adoption package today!

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