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Start Seeing Monarchs!

monarch butterfliesThis is it, people. Can you believe it’s almost May already??  It’s time to start seeing Monarchs!  The official Start Seeing Monarchs day is coming up this Saturday, May 2nd.  To participate, you will want to prepare your home and neighborhood to be monarch-friendly.

Baby food
Now is a good time to start planting that “milkawesome,” aka milkweed for monarch caterpillars.  Remember to choose a milkweed native to your area and follow Alaine Rapp’s tips on how to care for it.

Adults only
As you build and maintain your garden for adult monarchs, you want to aim for native flowers and variety!  Adult monarch butterflies eat, or drink, nectar.  Nectar is the sweet juice tucked inside flowers.  Native plants, such as wildflowers, are best because that is what monarchs have learned to look for.  Generally, butterflies prefer large, open flowers with “landing” platforms, and lots of bright colors, especially red, yellow, orange, and purple.  Be sure that your selection includes plants and flowers that will bloom later in the season for the migrating monarchs!  Check out the Start Seeing Monarchs waystation webpage for more tips on how to plan and plant your butterfly garden.

Share with the world!
Finally, don’t forget to flaunt your butterfly garden!  Post pictures to Instagram and Twitter and tag #startseeingmonarchs! 


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