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Bison Basics: How You Can Help

I’m still riding high, celebrating the announcement that I’m the national mammal.  After all, it wasn’t too long ago that more than 30 million of my relatives roamed this great land.  Our numbers are smaller now, but we’re doing alright.  It’s travel season and many are coming to visit me at National Parks across America, so I thought I would share a few reminders so we can all stay A-OK.

First, don’t pity me thinking that I’m all hot and bothered sitting in the sun.  You need the sunblock and a hat more than me.  Remember, I’m specially adapted to survive the hot summers and the cold winters.  Sure, I may look hot when I’m panting to keep cool, but it’s no different than when you sweat to cool off.  I can’t wait to see you come back for a visit in the winter.  While you’re all bundled up underneath your hat, coat, scarf and mittens I’m toasty warm in my extra layer of thick fur.  

Smile or smell?  It may look like I’m smiling, but I am actually smelling with a special sensory organ in the roof of my mouth.  Basically, I’m tasting and smelling the air at the same time to find out if any of the females in my herd are ready to mate.

Second, we make pretty good parents.  We live in a herd, which offers us protection from predators and safety in numbers.  Sometimes we take a break from standing next to our little ones to stretch and get some food, but that doesn’t mean we’ve forgotten about our babies.  Please don’t pick up our offspring and put them in your car, or bathtub, or your friend’s house…we don’t need that kind of help.  What we do need is your respect and for you to help address climate change by using more renewable energy like solar and wind power. 

And third, we all have our own need for personal space.  Do you remember the "close talker" from Seinfeld?  Well, we don’t like that either.  The problem is when you get too close us, it’s usually too late for you.  Although we may be large and look slow we are deceptively quick—like bison ninja’s—and can run faster than Usain Bolt and can jump higher than LeBron James (twitter hashtag #bisonNinja).  So please pay attention to the signals I give you and remember; if my tail is up it means one of two things…charge, or discharge. 

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