Family Play Programs


During these programs, children learn through play with their favorite play partner: you! Artists, nature educators, and early childhood specialists planned these programs from the same principles used to design Hamill Family Play Zoo, which connects children and their families to wildlife and nature.

An additional reminder about the family classes-only those registered for the class may attend. It is not possible to have additional children (this includes infants) and/or adults attend with you and your child. There is no adult seating so we are not able to accommodate additional visitors during the time the class meets in the class space. Once the park has opened for the day, at the scheduled opening time, other members of your party are welcome after paying admission fees, to visit in the park during this time and then join the class when we go out into the zoo to visit an exhibit. If you are not able to come with your child for a session, any other adult may attend with the child. 

Please note: It requires a lot of planning to make our Family Play Programs great, so registration closes promptly one week prior to the start of each session.

Seedlings (ages 15 months - 3 years)



Children ages 15 months - 3 years with an Adult
**Due to space limitations only one (1) Adult may attend with each registered child. It is not possible to have additional children (this includes infants) and/or adults attend with you and your child.

Enjoy this popular "nature play group" which will help you make friends with nature through play experiences, songs and meeting a weekly animal visitor!
Time: 9:00 - 10:00 am
Location: Hamill Family Play Zoo 
Parking: South Lot

Price per session: $85 
Member price per session:

Available Dates:
Registration for fall Seedlings will open on Tuesday, August 6 at 9:00 AM!
Fall Session 1: Tuesdays or Saturdays, September 24 through October 19
Fall Session 2: Tuesdays or Saturdays, October 22 through November 16
Fall Session 3: Sundays, October 27 through November 17
Fall Session 4: Saturdays, November 30 through December 21

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