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The Pokémon craze has swept the nation, once again.  And like any good reboot, it has caught up with the times and gone mobile.  The latest game takes advantage of GPS technology and smartphones to get players out into the “real world” to Catch-Em-All.  People all over the country have reported seeing throngs of Pokémon GO players out and about looking for as many Pokémon, PokéStops, and gyms as they can find. 

This is great!  Getting outside has proven to be good for both physical and mental health. Playing in nature compounds those benefits.  Pokémon GO seems to be a perfect marriage between what people want and what people need. 

But while you’re out there, humans, I implore you…don’t forget to look up and see the beauty around you that is a part of real reality, not augmented reality!  You will likely be pleasantly surprised by what you find.

For example, here at Brookfield Zoo, while playing Pokémon GO, someone ran into a Zoo Chat with a live bird of prey!

Pidgey is everywhere, but California Sea Lions OUT of the water are a sight to behold! 

Some PokéStops will not only replenish important items, but also help you discover amazing things, such as the actual size of a walrus!  

And some lucky players may be lead to the best prize of all:  a view of the World’s Most Enchanting and Candid Crocodile. 

Any Pokémon aficionado know that the characters in the game were inspired by nature’s most wondrous creatures.  So, while playing, look up and around!  The game will still be there.  Unfortunately soon, some of the real-life inspiration for Pokémon characters, may not.

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Carlita the Croc

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