Przewalskis Horse

Przewalski's Horse

Equus ferus przewalskii


Quick Facts
Height: Shoulder height 4' to 4.5'
Weight: 440 to 660 lbs
Wild diet: Low-fiber vegetation such as grasses and hay with occasional bark leaves, or buds
Zoo Diet: Grain and mixed grass hay
Distribution: Mongolia (formerly China, Russia, Ukraine, and Germany)
Habitat: Open plains and semi-desert

Przewalski's horses are dun-colored with a dark stripe down their spine and a dark brown, erect mane. Their belly is typically a lighter cream color and their legs typically carry some degree of black coloration, especially toward the hoof. The lower part of the tail is covered in long, black hair while the upper part is covered in shorter, lighter-colored hair. The Prezewalski's horse is a stocky, short-legged, and thick-headed horse with a very robust jaw.

Status in the Wild

Listed as "endangered" and increasing on the IUCN Red List (International Union for Conservation of Nature and Natural Resources).

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