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Swamps: Beautiful Wetlands, Vital for Life

Swamps are a beautiful thing. You've heard about them from my perspective, so I got my friend, Frank Lee Egret, to give you his take on why swamps are where it's at. 

Hi folks, I’m Frank Lee Egret, and today I want to talk to you about something near and dear to my heart: my home, the swamp.

Why do swamps matter? For humans it comes down to four simple facts:

By Jan Kronsell Own work assumed (based on copyright claims)., CC BY-SA 3.0,
Water purification
Like other wetlands, swamps are living strainers that filter harmful substances out of the water before it reaches ponds, streams, rivers, lakes and oceans. Swamps remove pollutants, retain nutrients by processing chemical and organic waste and help to maintain water quality. How important is healthy water to you?
Natural flood control
Swamps also control flooding naturally by acting like a sponge and temporarily storing runoff.  Soil, plant roots and trees help absorb some water, the remaining water is slowly released reducing sediment loads in receiving creeks and streams.  Carrying shallow flows of runoff over a large area, helps lower flood velocity as the water is received, and then spread out. How has flooding affected your life?
Home is where the swamp is
Many animals call the swamp home including alligators, otters, owls, prawns, and me and my friend Carlita to name a few.

Let’s not forget crawfish. Yummy! Them’s good eatin’!!!!

Swamps are also important pit stops for migratory birds. They provide food, shelter and safety for these winged travelers during their yearly journey. Without them, many bird species would lose their temporary and permanent homes.
Ok folks, keep it clean!
The most common pollution in U.S. wetlands is plastic household trash: plastic cups, plastic bags, plastic bottles and other plastic containers. Plastic is dangerous to wildlife. It can either be eaten, causing internal organ failure, or it can cause a slow strangulation. No one wants that!

How will you help wetlands?
Here are a couple ideas, which will you choose?
·        Put litter in its place
·        Reduce, reuse and recycle
Why help wetlands? Because swamps are beautiful and vital to my life and yours!

By Pierre5018 - Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0,
Frank Lee out!

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