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Game of Climate Change...and Thrones

bearded dragon
It’s a bearded dragon.  Get it?  A dragon!

Any GoT fans out there?

So, I read this article that juxtaposes Game of Thrones and climate change, and I thought, “That’s interesting man, that’s interesting.”

I’ve breached the topic of climate change here before.  Specifically, I was looking for your thoughts on talking about the topic.  But true to what zoo educators experience, it seemed no one was interested in discussing it. 

What people ARE often interested in discussing is their favorite TV shows, namely Game of Thrones

And here is where the two meet.

In the above article, a researcher theorizes that the wildly popular program aligns nicely with current issues surrounding climate change, with the White Walkers representing climate change, and Night’s Watch being scientists.  I asked resident Brookfield Zoo climate change education expert and Game of Thrones enthusiast, Jess Reese, her thoughts on the topic: 

“I think the comparison is a fair comparison, but I think climate change is just one aspect that could be looked at as a metaphor.  I think the potential for danger in the White Walkers in the GoT world and the potential for danger of climate change in our world, I can definitely see the parallel.  You’ve heard that saying, ‘Rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic?’  [T]hat’s what’s going on in America, we’re rearranging the deck chairs trying to figure out who’s in charge and who gets to go where…when in fact we’re headed on a collision course.  Same thing’s happening in Westeros.

“What’s interesting is that in GoT there’s these two leaders that are being groomed who do have character and honor.  These two underdogs are eventually going to be ruling Westeros, and eventually that means the good guys are going win, we hope.  So, if anything, I hope this metaphor is true in that there are leaders out there learning how to conduct themselves, that are earning their stripes, and cutting their teeth so that eventually they will come to the fore.”

I asked Jess if she thought this comparison could be used to spark conversations in communities about climate change.

“Yeah, it could, definitely.  I was the only one in my group of friends that wanted to talk about it, though.”

Sad face. 

What say you, humans?  Does this comparison between climate change and Game of Thrones spark your interest in becoming more informed about climate change?


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