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Entangled Dolphin Rescued in Florida

For the second time in three weeks a young dolphin is swimming free of fishing line thanks to the efforts of a rescue team involving collaborating organizations from up and down Florida’s west coast.

posted 4/4/2019 2:09:02 PM |

Entangled Dolphin Rescued in Florida

A dolphin calf once entangled in fishing line and gear is swimming freely again with its mother after being rescued yesterday by a team of biologists, a commercial fisherman, veterinarians, and law enforcement personnel. The young male dolphin was seen over the past few weeks in Lemon Bay, near Englewood, Florida, with fishing line and gear wrapped around its body and tail as well as through its mouth.

posted 3/13/2019 10:51:51 AM |

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Ernesta Wolf Offspring Located

Brookfield Zoo is excited to share some recent new from the Arizona Game & Fish Department. Ernesta (F1126), a Mexican gray wolf that resided at Brookfield Zoo from 2010-2012, her mate, and pups were introduced into the Mexican wolf recovery area in July 2014. Unfortunately, Ernesta was found deceased in the Gila wilderness recovery area in January of 2015. Without an alpha female present, the fate of Ernesta’s pack was unknown. Some pack members did not survive and others could not be located. Then this December, a trapper accidentally caught a male wolf in his trap...

posted 3/7/2019 3:26:11 PM |

What Enrichment Do Big Cats Prefer?

Enrichment is provided to our animals to encourage them to engage in species-typical behaviors, keep them physically active, and cognitively stimulated. Can we figure out which items animals prefer?

posted 3/1/2019 10:41:39 AM |

CPS Students Take Part in Annual Science Fair at Brookfield Zoo

More than 160 students from 16 Chicago Public Schools (CPS) had the opportunity to showcase their engineering and science-based projects as a part of the Chicago Zoological Society’s annual science fair at Brookfield Zoo.

posted 2/8/2019 12:17:24 PM |

Optimizing Dolphin Health with ZooMorphTrak

A new app developed at Brookfield Zoo can be used to estimate dolphin weights so that zoos, aquariums, and rehabilitation centers can continue to provide custom, optimized diets for each of their animals. These diets are continually monitored and revised for each dolphin based on their weight, age, growth rate, body condition, reproductive needs, and the season.

posted 2/1/2019 10:43:52 AM |

Establishing a New Endangered Mexican Wolf Pack

With the start of a new year comes a new breeding wolf pair at Brookfield Zoo. Last month, a 7-year-old male Mexican wolf, named Apache, arrived from Albuquerque Bio Park in New Mexico. Animal care staff is hopeful that he and 2-year-old Ela will have a successful breeding season this winter and produce a litter of puppies this spring. Coincidentally, Ela’s name means earth in the Apache Native American language.

posted 1/15/2019 2:42:41 PM |

Protecting Pangolins

The Chicago Zoological Society is leading the charge in efforts to save the world's most poached animal.

posted 12/5/2018 11:58:41 AM |

MTags Around the World

A little more than two years ago, we introduced an exciting new research project (DTAG blog link) that used DTAGs (DTAG link) to look at the health and welfare of our group of bottlenose dolphins here at Brookfield Zoo. The DTAG, short for “Digital Acoustic Recording Tag”, is a type of bio-logging device used to track and monitor the movement of whales and dolphins. They function much like a Fit-Bit© by recording the acceleration, orientation, and depth of the animal. In addition, they record information about the environment including temperature, sounds the animals make, and ambient sound in their environment.

posted 11/5/2018 12:15:49 PM |

Changes Coming to Mexican Wolf Pack at Brookfield Zoo

This past July, the Chicago Zoological Society hosted the bi-national planning meeting for the Mexican wolf population, which was attended by colleagues from the United States and Mexico. During the three-day meeting, representatives from various organizations, including the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS) and the Association of Zoos and Aquariums (AZA), identified breeding recommendations for the current population and potential wolves for future release to the wild.

posted 10/31/2018 2:53:29 PM |

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