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National Zoo Keeper Week (July 15-21)

Brookfield Zoo is celebrating National Zoo Keeper Week, July 15-21. Check each day for a new video proile of one our animal care specialists.

posted 7/16/2018 10:42:31 AM |

Porcupette (Baby Porcupine) Born at Brookfield Zoo

Brookfield Zoo, is getting right to the point and announcing the birth of a porcupette—a baby porcupine—born on July 2. The porcupette is the first of its species, the prehensile-tailed porcupine, to be born at Brookfield Zoo. After monitoring the mother, 5-year-old Lucia, for an extended period of time, it became clear that she was not going to provide her offspring proper maternal care, as she was not allowing him to nurse. At that time, animal care and veterinary staff made the decision to intervene and hand-rear the baby, who is thriving.

posted 7/10/2018 2:28:40 PM |

Kirk's dik-dik Calf Born at Brookfield Zoo

A male Kirk’s dik-dik was born on June 4, 2018, at Brookfield Zoo, weighing about 1.5 pounds. The Kirk's dik-kik is one of the world’s smallest antelope species. Based on the recommendation from the Association of Zoos and Aquariums’ Kirk’s dik-dik Species Survival Plan, the calf is being handreared by animal care staff. Currently, the calf is given a milk bottle four to five times a day as well as chopped hay.

posted 7/9/2018 3:29:35 PM |

Brookfield Zoo Announces Name of Month-old Gorilla

The Chicago Zoological Society, which manages Brookfield Zoo, is happy to announce the western lowland gorilla born on June 1 is a female and has been named Ali. The 1-month-old infant and her mother, Koola, can be seen in the zoo’s Tropic Word: Africa habitat along with Koola’s two other offspring Kamba, 13, and Nora, 4; Zachary (Kamba’s son), 2; Binti Jua (Koola’s mother), 30; and JoJo (the infant’s father), 38.

posted 7/2/2018 1:04:50 PM |

Amur Leopard Cubs Born at Brookfield Zoo

Two male Amur leopard cubs were born on April 18 at Brookfield Zoo. The now 8 and 9 pound, 8-week-old cubs are doing well and bonding with their mom, Lisa, behind the scenes. The cubs recently had their first wellness exam at the Brookfield Zoo Animal Hospital. It is anticipated they will be making their public debut to zoo guests in mid-July.

posted 6/19/2018 12:53:19 PM |

Animal Welfare: The Big Picture

The next time that you stroll across the grounds of Brookfield Zoo, we hope that you allow your mind to travel beyond Chicagoland to consider how the zoo and its residents are connected to the larger world. For instance, you can imagine yourself in the natural habitats of the zoo animals’ wild counterparts - from the rainforests of South America to the African savanna.

posted 6/5/2018 10:44:29 AM |

Brookfield Zoo Welcomes Newborn Gorilla to the Family

The Chicago Zoological Society, which operates Brookfield Zoo, is happy to announce the birth of a western lowland gorilla to 23-year-old Koola on Friday, June 1. Koola has grown up in a strong, stable family group at Brookfield Zoo, where she has gained the social experience and confidence she needs to be a good mother.

posted 6/2/2018 9:35:29 AM |

Black rhino undergoes portable CT scan at Brookfield Zoo

Layla, a 7½ -year-old, 2,300-pound eastern black rhinoceros who lives at Brookfield Zoo, recently underwent what is believed to be the first CT (computed tomography) scan ever performed on this species. The scan was necessary to help veterinarians determine the next steps for treating an obstruction in Layla’s nasal passageway.

posted 4/24/2018 11:32:36 AM |

Engaged Animals

At Brookfield Zoo, we are committed to providing the animals with the highest possible levels of care and welfare, and part of that care starts with our enrichment program. Environmental enrichment is providing animals under professional care with opportunities for them to engage in behaviors they are motivated to perform.

posted 4/17/2018 4:07:54 PM |

Chicago Zoological Society Mourns Loss of Beloved Gorilla

The Chicago Zoological Society (CZS) is sad to announce the loss of Ramar, a 50-year-old western lowland gorilla today, April 12. A few weeks ago animal care staff reported that he was not eating. Veterinary staff performed a complete evaluation on Ramar, including a CT scan, ultrasound, and endoscopy. During the exam, it was revealed that Ramar had a partial blockage of his bowel and stomach with plant material from his normal diet. He was experiencing diminished bowel function, which is a common challenge in geriatric patients. Veterinary and animal care staff were able to help manage Ramar through this concern. However, during his recovery, Ramar’s overall comfort became a major consideration. Based on his quality of life, staff made the very difficult conclusion that euthanasia was the most humane decision for Ramar.

posted 4/12/2018 1:23:49 PM |

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