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Cross-Fostering in the Mexican Wolf Recovery Program

Happy Wolf Awareness Week! Every October, Brookfield Zoo and other zoos and wolf centers around the country take time to celebrate wolves and share why they are an important and essential part of ecosystems in the United States and around the globe. This year, Wolf Awareness Week takes place from October 18th-24th.

posted 10/19/2020 12:25:08 PM |

Brookfield Zoo Celebrates National Vet Tech Week 2020

The week of October 11-17, 2020, is National Vet Tech Week, an opportunity to recognize veterinary technicians' contributions to the profession, here at Brookfield Zoo and around the world. The Chicago Zoological Society Veterinary Services department has a world-renowned veterinary education program, which instructs dozens of veterinary and veterinary technician students from schools around the U.S. every year.

posted 10/12/2020 12:12:53 PM |

The Animal Welfare Research Team: Virtually Busier than Ever

Although 2020 has been difficult for Brookfield Zoo’s residents, visitors, and employees, our Animal Welfare Research team has worked as hard as ever to enhance the daily lives of individual animals. Unlike our zookeepers, curators, and veterinary staff, our team has worked remotely on projects that benefit the zoo community (and beyond).

posted 9/30/2020 1:43:50 PM |

Spend Cat Awareness Weekend With Brookfield Zoo

Are you a big fan of Brutus and Titus, our African lion brothers? Are you excited to meet Ahava the snow leopard cub or Sasha the Amur leopard cub? Wonder what Whirl the Amur tiger is up to? The weekend of September 26 and 27 is purr-fect for you because it's Cat Awareness Weekend at Brookfield Zoo! ‚ÄčAll weekend long we're celebrating the big cats that call Brookfield home. 

posted 9/22/2020 11:26:16 AM |

How You Can Help on World Orangutan Day

Wednesday, August 19 is World Orangutan Day, a day when we try to bring some much needed attention and awareness to the crises facing these red apes. This critically endangered species once lived in much of Southeast Asia, but their range and population have been dramatically reduced due to deforestation, the illegal pet trade, and poaching.

posted 8/19/2020 9:11:11 AM |

Field Notes from Mongolia: Studying Przewalski's Horses

As a graduate student in biology through Miami University’s Global Field Program, Racquel Ardisana was in Mongolia to learn about the ecology of the steppe ecosystem and the reintroduction of Przewalski’s horses to the wild. As a senior animal specialist at Chicago Zoological Society’s Brookfield Zoo, she was excited to learn more about the world’s last truly wild horses.

posted 8/18/2020 11:05:29 AM |

Measuring the Behavioral Diversity of Animals at Brookfield Zoo

Chicago Zoological Society and the Brookfield Zoo strive for continuous improvement in the care and welfare of our animals. Scientists at the Brookfield Zoo are using behavioral diversity to examine its potential use as a positive indicator of welfare. We want to make sure that every individual animal at the zoo has the opportunity to thrive.

posted 8/11/2020 11:16:52 AM |

What We Learned By 'Bringing The Zoo To You'

During our temporary closure, Brookfield Zoo decided to "Bring The Zoo To You" every weekday with live videos featuring the animals here, hosted by our Animal Care Specialists. Regular viewers of the Bringing The Zoo To You videos came to recognize the voice behind the camera, Lynette Kleisner, Brookfield Zoo's videographer. 

posted 7/21/2020 10:58:39 AM |

Zoos & Aquariums Take Action to Conserve Vulnerable Bird Species

For those of you who frequently read our blogs, you are probably aware of some of the amazing ex situ conservation projects the Chicago Zoological Society is a part of involving species such as the Guam kingfisher. The effort to conserve vulnerable bird species is an action many zoos and aquariums take on.

posted 7/13/2020 1:17:35 PM |

What You'll Be Able To See at Brookfield Zoo

Now that Brookfield Zoo is reopening its gates, there are a lot of questions regarding which animals you'll be able to see when you visit. Given the guidelines set forth by our local, state, and federal government agencies, as well as Chicago Zoological Society's efforts to maintain a safe and healthy experience for all guests at this time, here is the full list of animals and attractions you'll be able to experience right now. 

posted 7/1/2020 12:28:39 PM |

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