CZS CBOT Endangered Species Fund

pangolin at brookfield zoo

Now Accepting Grant Proposals! Due July 7, 2022

Promoting Conservation, Protecting Species

The Chicago Zoological Society administers the Chicago Board of Trade (CBOT) Endangered Species Fund is now accepting new proposals for the 2022 funding cycle. Projects should focus on conservation and research of specific threatened, vulnerable or endangered species or a specific habitat that is of high biological value or that is substantially threatened (IUCN Red List). This includes projects that will quantitatively assess population and environmental status with indications for best conservation strategy and projects that will help achieve sustainable relations between local people and the species of concern. Proposals that are focused around simple, fundamentally sound projects with measurable outcomes that can be reached are given higher priority.

CBOT Endangered Species Fund is open to SSC Specialist Group Chairs and Officers, AZA/WAZA Chairs and Officers, and all interested researchers. Groups should select and submit only one proposal per funding cycle that has been ranked as the highest funding priority and endorsed by the group. Individual researchers may submit only one proposal per funding cycle. The Fund supports small projects of approximately $1,500 to $7,000. It should be noted that no international travel will be funded by the grant.

General Directions:

All applications must be submitted electronically as one PDF file. Incomplete or late applications will NOT be considered. An application checklist is provided, but it is the responsibility of the applicant to be sure the application is completed properly so please read the directions carefully. Completed applications must be submitted by email to The proposal must be completed in 5 pages or fewer to be considered.


Download Application and Checklist