Illinois Monarch Project

Illinois Monarch Project

Providing protection for Monarch butterflies through the preservation and restoration of their migratory habitat is in all of our best interest. Therefore, we are happy to be a part of the Illinois Monarch Project’s Technical Steering Committee and chair the Community Engagement Committee to support efforts to protect, preserve, and restore Monarch butterfly habitat during their yearly migration through the state. Illinois chose the Monarch as its state insect in 1975 and today it has become a symbol of pollinator conservation through its migratory range.Declines in milkweed and nectar resources due to development, weed ordinances and herbicide use throughout its migratory range have contributed to declines in the Monarch population.

What is the Illinois Monarch Project?

The Illinois Monarch Project (IMP) is a group of citizens, their organizations, and government bodies working together through collaborative and coordinated efforts, to ensure the survival of Monarchs and their successful migration through Illinois.

The Illinois Monarch Project’s Mission

Helping monarch butterflies thrive throughout Illinois by collaborating on conservation activities and encouraging engagement by public and private landowners across diverse urban and rural landscapes.


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