Institute for Science Teaching Excellence


Brookfield Zoo has developed many tools to assist educators in sharing information about animals, science, and caring - the things that form the basis of conservation at the zoo and in the wild. We encourage educators to use the information gathered by the zoo to share concepts about data gathering and scientific research, and to use the zoo's charismatic animals to help inspire excitement for learning.

Teacher Classes

Be informed, entertained, and engaged by these special workshops just for teachers. Plus, you can get PDCHs and even college credit through Dominican University.

Science Fellows Program

Brookfield Zoo is proud to host a multi-year intensive professional development program that combines out-of-school Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS)-focused workshops with virtual classroom mentoring and observation to help educators enhance hands-on science learning remotely, in the classroom, and a combination of both. The emphasis of this program is on understanding and implementing NGSS and inquiry-based learning strategies.

Field Trips 

Bring your lessons to life with a field trip to Brookfield Zoo! For more information, click here.


The Advanced Inquiry Program (AIP) is a conservation-focused, inquiry-driven learning experience that combines web-based graduate courses through Miami University with exciting face-to-face experiential and field study at Brookfield Zoo. Students in this national degree program contribute to social and ecological change in their communities. The opportunity to earn credits from international travel is another exciting part of the program. And the best news of all – it’s affordable!