Spend Cat Awareness Weekend With Brookfield Zoo

Are you a big fan of Brutus and Titus, our African lion brothers? Are you excited to meet Ahava the snow leopard cub or Sasha the Amur leopard cub? Wonder what Whirl the Amur tiger is up to? The weekend of September 26 and 27 is purr-fect for you because it's Cat Awareness Weekend at Brookfield Zoo!

All weekend long we're celebrating the big cats that call Brookfield home. Due to the pandemic, we won't be hosting any events at the zoo, so instead we're taking to social media to shout out these amazing animals. So keep a close eye on our Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram channels as we feature fun videos and provide updates on all your favorite felines. 

Brutus & Titus African Lions
We'll check in with Brutus and Titus, the African lion brothers, to see how they've been doing since arriving at the zoo earlier this year. A member of their care staff will fill you in on what they've been up to as well as provide some interesting facts about African lions. You might also get to hear both of the lions chuffing, which if you haven't heard before, is quite the treat. 

Download this coloring page of Brutus and Titus and share your creations with us on social media. We might just pass it along to the brothers to see!

Ahava & Malaya Snow Leopards 
We were very excited to introduce you recently to Ahava, our four-month-old snow leopard cub. We'll get more looks at how she's exploring her habitat and how mom Malaya is keeping a close eye on things. Proud papa Buck is giving them some space but you might catch a glimpse of him as well. 

Sasha & Lisa Amur Leopards
Ahava's making all the headlines but don't forget about Sasha, our Amur leopard cub coming up on seven months. Sasha is especially important to his species as the Amur leopard is critically endangered with less than 65 animals left in the wild. You won't want to miss the video of him as he learns how to hunt from mom Lisa.

Whirl Amur Tiger
Who doesn't love Whirl? She returned to Brookfield Zoo in 2013 following a short stint at another zoo and she's been one of our most admired ambassadors since. When she's not sleeping, you'll likely find Whirl enjoying her enrichment or taking a splash in her pool. We'll have some video of Whirl in action this weekend. 

There are plenty more cats to appreciate here at Brookfield Zoo, from the fishing cats to Kyan & Churchill servals. Hopefully, you'll be able to see them soon as well. But in the meantime, we'll see you on the socials this weekend and then make sure you come out to see all these beautiful big cats this fall. 

Want to take your appreciation and support of these cats even further? Consider adopting them! Many of our big cats are available as part of our Animal Adoption program. By helping care for the animals at the zoo, you are also helping research and conservation efforts within the zoo and around the world. When you choose to adopt a cat at Brookfield Zoo, you'll be sharing in their care. Plus, your donation to the program helps to provide expert care for your favorite animal for one year!

Consider adopting Ahava, Malaya, Brutus, Titus, Sasha, Whirl, and the fishing cats today!

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Posted: 9/22/2020 11:26:16 AM by Sean Keeley

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