Dolphin Update: Magic

Magic Dolphin

You may remember that special little dolphin Magic who was born to Spree on Oct 28, 2013 (just two weeks after his half-brother Merlin was born). Magic was hand-reared by animal care specialists right here at Seven Seas, the first-time ever by a zoo! He spent the first several months of his life in the care and company of the animal care staff. During which time, he and the animal care team built strong and lasting bonds with him.
When he was about eight months of age, he started on his journey to develop relationships with members of the dolphin group, including his mother. I am happy to report that he transitioned into the dolphin group very well and has relationships with all members of the group, including his mom Spree; they have developed a bond with each other. You can often see him spending time swimming with her, just like Merlin spends time with his mother, Topeka.  
Magic and mom, Spree

Over these last few years, Magic has learned many behaviors. Since he has such close relationship with his caretakers, Magic does extremely well participating in his own health care. He has been voluntarily cooperating with medical care behaviors such as ultrasound exams with our veterinary staff and giving a blood sample to check his overall health.
He has also learned a number of behaviors that allows him to meet guests during our Backstage Adventure program – Flippers and Fins. During these interactions with guests, Magic helps to inspire people to care about animals and our natural world. Our animal care team is so proud of Magic and the progress he has made!
Stay tuned for update #3 on our young dolphins coming soon...
-Rita Stacey
Curator-Marine Mammals, Seven Seas

Posted: 5/10/2017 1:25:13 PM by Bryan Todd Oakley

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