National Zoo Keeper Week (July 15-21)

National Zoo Keeper Week: Meet Maggie! (July 22)

Thanks for tuning in during National Zoo Keeper Week! The final animal care specialist that Brookfield Zoo is highlighting is Maggie. Maggie works with the Ambassador Animals, as well as other animals in Wild Encounters and the Hamill Family Play Zoo. She works with animals like servals, sloths, porcupines, tamanduas, and lots more animals that guests can see at various Zoo Chats throughout the day.


National Zoo Keeper Week: Meet Kim! (July 21)

Kim is another animal care specialist here at Brookfield Zoo that we're featuring during National Zoo Keeper Week. Kim works in Tropic World: Asia caring for the orangutans, gibbons, otters, and African tree pangolins.


National Zoo Keeper Week: Meet Jill! (July 20)

Brookfield Zoo is celebrating National Zoo Keeper Week by featuring several of our animal care specialists from around the zoo. Today is Jill's turn! Jill works with animals at Hamill Family Play Zoo and Wild Encounters, as well as our Animal Ambassadors. Some of the animals she works with include ring-tailed lemurs, armadillos, ravens, and kookaburras.


National Zoo Keeper Week: Meet Dana! (July 19)

Today we are featuring Dana, one of the lead animal care staff here at the zoo. Dana works with animals from Australia House, Pachyderm, and the bison.


National Zoo Keeper Week: Meet Joe! (July 18)

We continue our celebration of National Zoo Keeper Week with Joe, who works with the reptiles and otters at The Swamp


National Zoo Keeper Week: Meet Cassy! (July 17)

Up next is Cassy, Senior Animal Care Specialist whose passion is the rhinos that she cares for!


National Zoo Keeper Week: Meet Emily! (July 16)

We're continuing ou videor profiles during National Zoo Keeper Week, July 15-21, with Emily, who specializes in the care of birds at Brookfield Zoo, including Humboldt Penguins!


National Zoo Keeper Week: Meet Carrie! (July 15)

Brookfield Zoo is celebrating National Zoo Keeper Week, July 15-21. We're kicking it off with Carrie, Lead Animal Care Specialist of Ungulates, which include camels, zebras, okapi, and more!

Posted: 7/16/2018 10:42:31 AM by Bryan Todd Oakley

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